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Maternity Lifestyle Session at Home | Photography Ideas | With Husband

My husband and I spend a lot of time at home-we are definitely homebodies. When it came to taking our maternity photos, I knew that I wanted this special moment in our lives captured at home, in a simple, cozy, at home vibe.

I took to Pinterest to search for ideas and inspiration, and found a photographer on Instagram who had a style I liked. I shared my ideas with her, and together with her creativity and vision, this is what we came up with.

I love how our maternity photos turned out. It is exactly what I envisioned and I am so glad we have these memories captured. Our photographer, Tanya Bondarenko Photography, did an amazing job.












at home maternity session

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Hi, Irina here! I love to research, think, write, and sometimes even share my thoughts. A follower of Jesus Christ, residing in the Pacific Northwest, a first-generation Slavic immigrant, I am happiest enjoying the warmth and simple joys of being at home with my little family and watching The Office.

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