Small Pantry Makeover


Small Pantry Makeover

My pantry had been a disaster for the longest time. I would look on Pinterest and drool over the pictures I saw of beautiful, organized pantries. I would always think to myself, “Someday, my pantry will look something like that.”

Also, my pantry is small. Like small-coat-closet small. And since I am generally not a clean or organized person, it was starting to overflow with snacks, empty packages, and long-past-expired pasta, grains and flour.

Here is the sad before picture of my pantry:

Small Pantry Makeover Before

One day, I finally decided to do something about it.

I drove to IKEA, with my one year old in tow, and picked up some glass jars, containers, and baskets. I already had some Target bins and wire baskets on hand.

I came home and took everything out of my pantry and put it on my kitchen counter. I wiped down all of the pantry shelves and then slowly but surely started going through the giant pile of pantry items on my counter.

There was quite a few expired items, some of which where over 2 years old!

I opened all of the packaged pasta, grains, cereal, flour, and sugar and put them in glass jars or plastic containers. I really like the neutral look without any of the brightly colored packaging.

I also cleared a shelf just for snacks or candy. I store the snacks in small plastic containers, or glass jars which are inside the larger fabric bins. This keeps any disorder or mess hidden out of sight, inside of the bins.

 I moved all of the vitamins and medicine from the top shelf to a kitchen cabinet, and all of my teas as well.

All of this took me just about the whole day, but I am SOOOO happy with the end result!

Small Pantry Makeover | Pantry Organization | Pantry Goals

Small Pantry Organization | Pantry Organization | Pantry Goals

Small Pantry Makeover | Pantry Organization | Pantry Goals

Small Pantry Organization | Pantry Makeover | Pantry Goals

Small Pantry Organization Before and After | Pantry Makeover

I linked all of the jars, containers and baskets I used below. They were either from from IKEA and Target. Click on the image below and it will open a new page where you can click on each item.

pantry makeover containers


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4 thoughts on “Small Pantry Makeover

  1. This is so helpful thank you! showing the items you purchased detailed at the bottom its so hand, I am going to get cracking on my ikea shopping and have my cupboard hopefully looking nearly as good as your one. all the best from France XX


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